Real-deal Spanish paella pans

Paella is arguably Spain’s most celebrated food. Terra is our range of authentic, Spanish-made paella pans - the key to creating this legendary dish at home.

An important characteristic of a quality paella pan is its wide, low design that allows rice to cook quickly over a high heat. With this shape, rice can be spread out in a thin later – maximising contact with the cookware. Underneath, a slightly convex base allows your cooking oil to collect for sautéing initial ingredients in the middle of the pan. Another hallmark of a real paella pan is its two looped handles. Whilst smaller pans can fit on the stovetop and thus be used at home in the kitchen, a grill is the best way to cook with larger pans. Our paella pans come in two forms: carbon steel for classic cooking, and enamel coated pans that encourage a delicious rice crust to form whilst offering non-stick benefits. The choice of material comes down to each paella chef’s personal preference.

Recipes abound for various types of paella – including traditional Valencian, seafood, mixed meat and vegetarian options – all which can be prepared in a Davis & Waddell pan.