Electrical Appliances

We look at common, everyday kitchen tasks and bring you electrical appliances that help you get the job done. Our appliances are affordable, easy to use and reliable – including stand mixers, meat mincers, personal blenders, party grills and slow cookers.

Our award-winning Infusion Smoker!

We’re also home to the 2018 Reed GALA Award (Kitchen & Dining) winning Davis & Waddell Infusion Smoker – which makes it so simple to add a gourmet, smoky flavour to food! Watch the video to the left to see how easy it is to enrich the flavour of meats, marinades, cheese, butter, seasonings and even cocktails in just a couple of minutes!


Infusion Smoker
Electric Slow Cooker
Electrical Personal Blender
Electric Yoghurt Maker/Fermenter 2 in 1