Asia One

The diverse cuisines of Asia have long tantalised Australian tastebuds, and are always trending on our local foodie scene. Davis & Waddell’s Asia One collection of professional-grade woks, pans, steamers and serving essentials lets you bring some flair to the kitchen.


Combining advanced technology and high-spec materials, our Carbon Steel and Lotus Rock pans are hot choices for preparing stirfries, noodle dishes and more. We also offer bamboo steamers perfect for healthy preparation of dumplings, veggies and seafood.


Our ceramic wok serving bowls and colourful chopsticks offer a stylish way to enjoy your favourite dishes.


Our Lotus Rock woks, pans and grill use practical ingenuity to deliver a professional cooking experience. The lotus plant is a symbol of purity due to its self-cleansing properties – and our Lotus Rock products work in a similar manner. The range features a Nano-Silica coating that repels liquids, whilst at the same time being permeable to cooking oils. This makes cleaning up a breeze, and strengthens the cooking surface’s non-stick capability.



Asia One’s high-performance cookware line-up also features Carbon Steel woks. A key benefit of these glaze-wax coated pans is how simple they are to season compared to other products - simply wash, heat and oil before first use. Carbon Steel performs fantastically at high temperatures – quickly locking in nutrients and flavours.